How to get Stronger Erection?

how to get strong erection

Now a day, erection problem in men’s penis is very common. The medical term of this erection problem is called Erectile Dysfunction or ED. Erectile Dysfunction or ED is a state when a man cannot achieve a proper erection of his penis during sexual intercourse. It is also called men’s impotence. Some common causes of Erectile Dysfunction or ED are –

1) Diabetes
2) Heart Disease
3) Obesity
4) Multiple Sclerosis
5) Parkinson’s Disease
6) Enlarged Prostate Glands
7) Mental Anxiety

Here are few ways one can get harder erection naturally

a) Consuming of  6-7 raw garlic cloves at the time of lunch and dinner daily can help to get stronger erection.

b) Ashwagandha, popularly known as Indian Ginseng is helpful to get better erection. It can regulate blood circulation of our body and as a result, our penis gets adequate blood which helps to get stronger erection. It also improves our nervous system and helps to overcome mental anxiety which is a root cause of ED.

c) Shilajit is one more natural product which can be used to overcome ED. Daily intake of shilajit can help to get rock hard erection. Shilajit is full of important minerals which provide good support for our sexual health. It boosts men’s testosterone hormone production.

d) Regular consuming of White Musli or Swet Musli or Safed Musli can help to get stronger erection.

e) To get harder erection naturally, you must walk 3-4 kilometer daily.


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