High salt intake can be fatal for your life – moderate it for staying healthy.

salt intake
    • Salt (Sodium) we take every day has a direct effect on our blood pressure.
    • The sudden rise of blood pressure may cause strokes, heart failure and heart attack which are leading causes of death and disabilities.
    • Our body needs a small amount of salt. For of an adult, it should be 1 g per day and children need even less.
    • High salt intake is the root cause of stomach cancer, osteoporosis, obesity, kidney stones and kidney disease. Salt can also cause asthma and diabetes.
  • In our daily diet, if we take too much salt (sodium), our body try to retain excess fluid which increases blood pressure.
  • Nowadays, we are very prone to eat restaurant type fast food where the level of the sodium salt is very high; it can cause hypertension.
  • Hight salt intake may damage the hormonal system of our body.
  • We should completely stop eating processed foods, restaurant style foods or foods that contain too many spices and salt.

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