Foods to Avoid with Diabetes

foods to avoid diabetes
    • White rice should be completely avoided; instead, brown rice can be adopted as it has fiber available in it.
    • Avoid all-purpose flour (maida in Indian term) and any foods made from it.
    • Boiled Potatoes and Pumpkins should be avoided.
    • Blended coffee that is full of syrup, sugar, cream and other toppings have many calories and fats; so it must be avoided.
    • Fruit like bananas, grapes, melons and peaches should be avoided; as they are full of high sugar.
    • Get rid off from Chinese foods and other spicy foods.
    • Avoid cake, pastries and other bakery products like cookies and white bread.
    • Abstain from taking fruit juice.
    • Avoid refine cereals
  • Avoid eating French fries.
  • Avoid consuming fatty meat.
  • Avoid all kind of restaurant style fast foods.
  • Do not eat deep fried chicken.
  • Do not eat processed lunch meat,
  • Always try to avoid restaurant Hamburgers.
  • Always avoid drinking regular soft drinks
  • Avoid spicy pizza.
  • Always avoid drinking a milkshake.
  • Avoid all kinds of sweet dairy products.
  • Avoid all kinds of candies.

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