A.J Hoge – A Great English Teacher Who teaches How to Speak English Effortlessly.

aj hoge

In this age of globalization, we have become members of the global community where English is the only common language for communication. English has become a global language. It has a great influence over our social and professional life. So we are bound to adopt this language in a right way to give an add-on to our career.

Nowadays, everyone feels an urgency to speak English effortlessly for achieving success in their life. As a result, everybody is seeking a right place to nurture their English speaking ability. This right place may be an institution or a good teacher with sound experience. In course of my searching for a good English teacher,  I came across an extraordinary English teacher Mr. A. J Hoge.

I have found out A.J in youtube. In youtube, A.J has millions of followers globally. He is an international English teacher. A. J lives in California in the USA and presently, he is providing his English speaking courses to different countries in the world. A.J is so popular that many colleges, universities and business houses looking forward to his live workshop, seminar, classes and consultancy. Nowadays, A.J  is literally traveling all over the world to provide his workshop – “How to Speak English Effortlessly”.

Now the question is why A.J is so popular and well accepted globally?  This is because of his most unique and most innovative way of teaching. A.J is a very energetic teacher with huge knowledge and experience. After a long research, A.J has invented a powerful scientific method of teaching which enables thousands of his students to speak English effortlessly in a short time.

A.J has proved that how the right energy, emotion, and method help people improve their English speaking Skill rapidly.

A.J emphasizes mostly on English listening practice. In youtube, you will find many of A.J’s free video tutorials for practicing English listening. Just search for A.J Hoge in youtube and get numerous free video tutorials which will demonstrate the effectiveness of A.J’s teaching methodology.

If you want to speak English effortlessly, you must listen to A.J’s Free Videos and MP3s again and again.

For mobile apps, you will find many of A.J’s free apps in google play.

Here is a link where you can find good resources of A.J’s English listening tutorials for free –


In fact, A.J has done good karma for this world through his great teaching – we are indebted to him.

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